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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 7

Since the last update, the builders have been busy lifting materials off the street and over the site offices. Most of the heavy lifting continues to be structural steel because the majority of concrete is pumped into the site rather than arriving as precast panels.

Excavation work is now finished and the basement is fully enclosed. All of the level 2 apartments have a floor, walls and a ceiling, and the level 3 apartments have been started. Clearwater Construction told us many months ago that the level 3 floor slab would be poured on 31 July, and they duly delivered! It’s great to have builders that can keep to their predicted timings.

Over the coming weeks and months, more of the structure will become visible over the top of the fencing and site offices. The builders tell us that manufacturing of the windows has already begun and they are looking forward to enclosing the building later in the year so they can start on the finishing trades!