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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 6

Following a long, warm and wet Summer, the Auckland weather decided to carry on with the moisture theme and Autumn saw record dumps of rain across the Auckland region in intense bursts. Luckily for the Clearwater Construction team, they had put the hard yards in to get the site excavated early so the bad weather didn’t impact progress as much as it could have.

Since the last construction update, there have been several milestones reached! The first, and most obvious to Eastern Bays residents, was the installation of the bright yellow tower crane which is now standing proudly over the site. The team worked over a weekend in early May which involved closing one lane of traffic on Kepa Rd as the crane sections were lifted into place.

Once the crane was commissioned, it was immediately put to work lifting structural steel into place for the lower basement roof. Simultaneously, the team were excavating and then pouring concrete for the foundations of the main tower. All three of the lift pits were completed and the lift shafts have been started. Once the lower basement roof was ready, the concrete pump arrived and proceeded to use several truckloads to pour the slab.

Once the basement became enclosed, final excavations have been taking place which involves scraping the remainder of the earth from the perimeter walls. Once this is complete the concrete floor for the basement will be poured. Whilst this work has been going on, preparations for the upper basement level have been underway, and structural steel has started to be installed for its roof.

Once the roof structure of the upper basement is completed and the concrete slab is poured, structural steel will start to be installed for the main tower and the Development will finally be visible above the construction hoardings!