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7 things you don’t have to do when going on holiday from an apartment

After the rain around Christmas day, this summer stretch in Auckland has been stunning.

We’ve been talking with a few people who will be moving into Outlook later this year about their summer rituals. For many, the summer break means getting away from home and enjoying the beach house, spending time in the sun and relaxing with friends and family.

Regardless of what you do while you’re away, with a conventional house, getting away means a list of several other ‘rituals’ that we’d all like to avoid.

Our Outlook purchasers can stop reading now, but if you’ve not yet decided to move into a community like Outlook Mission Bay, here are 7 things you’ll need to have on your ‘to do’ list before you pack up and head out next summer.

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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 8

It’s not long until the apartments will start to have the interior finishes installed. The Clearwater Construction team continue to make great progress and if you live locally we’re sure you will have noticed the scale of the buildings increasing dramatically over the past few months.

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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 6

Following a long, warm and wet Summer, the Auckland weather decided to carry on with the moisture theme and Autumn saw record dumps of rain across the Auckland region in intense bursts. Luckily for the Clearwater Construction team, they had put the hard yards in to get the site excavated early so the bad weather didn’t impact progress as much as it could have.

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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 5

Final removal of earth

The final removal of earth from the basement in late April.

The excavation of the basement levels has continued to steam ahead and there is currently a rather large hole situated on the northern side of Kepa Road. It’s astounding to think that we are only 14 months from projected completion!

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